Whether you have an online store or you are planning to have one, you might already be knowing that eCommerce is a very competitive landscape. You always have to stay on your heels to keep up.

Inventory management and Price rule management are two vital elements in any ecommerce business. Whether you are in B2B or B2C model you would never like your customers to see a disappointing “Out of Stock” message at the front end. On the other hand, promotional campaigns are always the answer whether you wish to incentivise customers to spend more on your store and increase your average order value, OR you wish to convert your one-time customers into your loyal patrons.

We arranged a webinar to showcase how the new Magento 2.0 can help with all these scenarios. Though a lot of features had been there in Magento 1.x series as well, some new ones have been introduced in Magento 2.0. Also the new back-end UI of Magento is something you would definitely love to use. I have shown how you can use generate series of coupon codes for your promotional campaign and even create a report based on the usage of the coupons by customers.

The purpose of the webinar was to walk you through the all the Inventory and Price Rule Management capabilities of Magento 2.0. It covered the following:

  • Introduction to Magento 2.0
  • Product Inventory Management Features in Magento 2.0
  • Discount Rules in Magento 2.0 (Catalog Price Rules, Shopping Cart Price Rules)
  • Live Demo through Magento Demo Store


Check out the slides and video from the webinar: