Top eCommerce Blogs of 2019: Our Picks!



2019 has been a great and innovative year of extensive development for business applications. Audiences from around the globe have searched out intricate details of application working and system integration. In this light, here we are, bringing to you our top picks of blogs from APPSeCONNECT.

Top Blogs: Our Picks

1. APEX Scheduler in Salesforce: Step-by-Step Guide

Salesforce provides many ways to automate business processes. If a user wants to run a piece of apex code at a particular time or at particular intervals of time, they can easily use the Apex Scheduler. Apex scheduler is a class that runs at a regular interval of time. Let’s see the step-by-step process to create APEX Scheduler in Salesforce!APEX-Scheduler-in-SalesforceContinue reading…

2. All About Recursive Trigger in Salesforce

Salesforce automates a business process with various tools like Workflow, Process Builder, Approval Process, Validation Rules, Triggers and so on. With triggers, however, a user can update the fields of different objects. Here is everything you need to know about Recursive Triggers in Salesforce!All-About-Recursive-Trigger-in-SalesforceContinue reading…

3. All About Purchase Requisition in SAP ECC

In order to run an organization effectively, the most important step is to determine what kind of materials and services are required by a company and the proper source (vendor) of supply which fulfills our requirements. Once the list of requirements is made, then there needs to be an approval from the higher authority (purchasing department) of an organization in order to procure the list of materials. To get approval, a request document called Purchase Requisition which contains information such as materials, services, delivery date and quantity needs to be prepared. This article here talks about everything you need to know about purchase requisition in SAP ECC!All-About-Purchase-Requisition-in-SAP-ECCContinue reading…


4. Steps to Create Inquiry and Quotation in SAP – The Ultimate Guide

Before a product is sold to the customer, there are some sales activities that are performed during the selling process. These Pre-sales activities are classified into Inquiry and Quotation. Here are the steps to create Inquiry and Quotation in SAP ERP easily!steps-to-create-inquiry-and-quotation-in-sap-eccContinue reading…

5. Top 10 CSS Hacks For Every Web Developer

CSS is really important when it comes to building a perfectly functioning and a good-looking website. CSS2 helps make really cool websites too. Check out these amazing CSS hacks to skyrocket your customer experience.Top-10-CSS-Hacks-For-Every-Web-Developer Continue reading…

6. Understanding Unit of Measures within SAP ERP and Magento

Within SAP ECC, a product can have multiple units of measures. Magento by default has only a single unit of measure. While integrating SAP ECC with an ecommerce application, it is crucial that the correct unit of measures reflect on the web for the customers to choose and order the same. Let’s check out everything about the Units of Measures within SAP & Magento!Understanding-Unit-of-Measures-within-SAP-ERP-and-MagentoContinue reading…

7. Today, Tomorrow and The Future Scope For NetSuite ERP

Netsuite delivers a full processed ERP system for large and small scale organizations. Believe it or not, over 40,000 organizations and small-scale businesses across 160 countries have put trust in Netsuite and their way of organizing the business helps them to take their financial operation process to the cloud. Learn about The Past, The Present and the Future Scope of Netsuite Cloud ERP!Today-Tomorrow-and-The-Future-Scope-For-NetSuite-ERPContinue reading…Integrate-Business-Apps-through-APPSeCONNECT

8. Magento 2 Commerce Vs Shopify Plus – An In-Depth Comparison

Magento Commerce and Shopify Plus are almost undoubtedly the two most mainstream eCommerce platforms for mid-size organizations all over the world. This article here is an in-depth comparison between Magento Commerce and Shopify Plus store!Magento-2-Commerce-vs-Shopify-PlusContinue reading…

9. APIs Are Just Like LEGO Blocks

APIs are the initial building blocks that help build a certain software or an application. These detailed subroutine definitions, dedicated tools, functions, procedures and communication protocols together enable the API to create crucial requirement-catering software. Here is everything you need to know!APIs-Are-Just-Like-LEGO-BlocksContinue reading…

1o. Top 15 Trending Products That Can Be Sold Online in 2019

If you are planning to sell physical products online and make a profit, all you need is the data you can dig deep and trust and a smart and simple ecommerce business model. The eCommerce industry is growing at a phenomenal rate which makes it very important to find the trending products. Here are the 15 amazing products that you can sell online to gain the best of your business!!!Top-15-Trending-Products-That-Can-be-Sold-Online-in-2019 (1)Continue reading…

11. WooCommerce Mobile App Launched – Manage Your Store on The Go

January 2019 witnessed the launch of the WooCommerce mobile app for Android as well as IOS users. This means that business owners would now have access to their eCommerce platform whenever they want. Here’s everything you need to know!WooCommerce-launched-mobile-appContinue reading…

12. How to Avoid Challenges in NetSuite Integration

NetSuite is highly popular among the enterprise customers for its accounting, financial and ERP toolkit. Successful NetSuite integrations demand some careful thought upfront not just to save the potential pitfalls but also to make the most of this solid solution to the best advantage in the long term. Check out how you can avoid challenges in NetSuite Integration!Avoid-Challenges-with-NetSuite-IntegrationContinue reading…

Now, you can easily integrate your line of business applications like ERP, CRM, Ecommerce Store, Marketplaces, Shipping and POS Systems under one single platform to automate the business process and remove manual labor!Integrate-Business-Apps-through-APPSeCONNECT

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