B2B features in Magento Webinar

Date- 28th August 2014

Topic of Discussion

B2B Features which can be easily implemented within Magento eCommerce

Points Covered in the Event

Most of we know that Magento supports B2C Business through its default features. But as we know B2B are also equally gaining pace in every organization to manage Distributor/Reseller Channel. So in the webinar we have discussed what B2B Features can be incorporated within Magento to make it suitable for B2B Business, features like:

  • Multiple User Login against a Customer Company
  • User Roles and Order Approval by Finance Manager of each Customer Company
  • Credit Limit against a Customer Company
  • Adding Purchase Order Copy while placing Orders
  • Sales Employee Login to manage Customer Organizations
  • Customer Organization Specific Product Catalog

Presentation Shown

Video Recording of the Webinar Session

Questions and Answers

Is the module compatible with Magento Enterprise?

Yes, it is fully compatible with Magento Enterprise up to the latest version.

Which Magento Community edition does this Magento B2B Module supports?

The module is compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.5 to the latest 1.9 version.

Does Financial Approver get notification email when there is a Purchase Order needs approval?

Yes, different user roles can be defined within the Admin Panel controls of this module. So the Approver will get notification email for approval as well as the Financial Manager will also get a notification email.

Is it open source?

No, this module is not Open Source. This will be encoded using ionCube and license of this module is based on Per Magento Installation.

Does your module support web services to maintain some of the info such as company, addresses, etc.?

Yes, the module has some custom web services which can be used in third party system integration. In fact the same module has been used in several of APPSeCONNECT Magento and SAP Business One/MS Dynamics NAV Integration Projects to support B2B.

In an integrated environment (with a backend ERP system) we would upload & maintain addresses from the ERP solution. Is there a code field/natural id which can be set to identify the address?

Customer ID of the ERP system can be used as the Identifier in Magento in this case. We prefer to use default id fields because that avoid complex customizations.

Does this module sync with SAP B1?

Yes this can be integrated with SAP Business One through our integration platform APPSeCONNECT .

Where you can filter products by category per customer, is it possible to filter products by manufacturer per customer?

Customer Specific Product Catalog feature is available, where you can set category/s against companies. Only the Contact Person of those companies can see these Product Categories. Products by Manufacturer per customer is not available as default feature, but can be done as customization.

Does this webinar include the seller as customer who sell their products on your Magento commerce website?

No, this module not meant to support Sellers as customers.

Do you have a demo site available for the end user?

Yes, if anybody needs a Hands on Experience on this module, we can provide the module in our demo website or as a Trial version in your Magento Test/Staging website.


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