Zoho created a buzz in the market by announcing the integration of Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk with Amazon Connect, a cloud-based customer contact center service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). These integrations streamlines sales and improves the productivity, customer engagement as well as communication.

So, what is Amazon Connect first of all?

Amazon Connect is a contact center service with no setup charges. The customers are charged on a per-minute basis. According to Amazon, companies can setup “virtual contact center” in minutes without any special training or coding.

The sales people can automatically log calls and work efficiently. “The Zoho PhoneBridge integration with Amazon Connect helps the Zoho CRM and Desk users with context on their prospects and customers when they are interacting” said Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation. There are some great features such as ‘Best Time to Call’ amongst others which will be quite beneficial from the sales prospective.

The Amazon Connect helps the enterprise deliver better customer services through the ease of use, scalability, and flexibility that the AWS Cloud provides,” said Pasquale DeMaio, Principal Product Manager, Amazon Connect. With this integration, Amazon Connect provides business tools for real-time engagement which improves the communication process altogether.


What’s there in the Integration?

Now, let’s have a look at the features made available with this integration:

Automatic call logging

As said earlier the calls gets logged automatically in Zoho CRM as well as Zoho Desk. Zoho is amongst the first in the AWS Partner Network (APN) which is supporting Amazon Connect. Vendors can now rapidly create their own integrations using the platform. Zoho PhoneBridge Platform accelerates the development and deployment of solutions that integrate cloud PBX and call center management applications across Zoho products.

Contextual customer information

Whenever a call is made to the sales or support teams then the contextual information about the callers gets stored in Zoho Desk as well as Zoho CRM. Therefore the salespeople are always ready and prepared to handle calls. Salespeople also have the option to save the first-time callers as leads or contacts in Zoho CRM. This means later on the salespeople can follow them up also. The support agents can also add the first-time callers in Zoho Desk and give associated notes.


Another great feature is that the users can dial customers and leads with a single click from their Zoho CRM or Zoho desk. They do not need to change screens to make calls or receive calls from people.

Pricing and Availability

This Amazon Connect integration is free to all the paid users of ZOho CRM as well as Zoho Desk. You can get it here:

Setup Amazon Connect Integration:

The Amazon Connect for Zoho PhoneBridge helps you start all your sales calls right inside your CRM. One can see the caller information easily and ensure better communication.

Please Check the following before proceeding:

  • You must have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.
  • You must also have the Amazon Connect Instance configured in your Amazon Web Services account.
  • Only the administrator of the Zoho CRM account can enable the Amazon Connect Integration.
  • Every user in the Zoho CRM Organization account will have their unique credentials to log in to Amazon Connect.

To configure Amazon Connect in Zoho CRM, you must:

  • Allow Amazon Connect integration.
  • Log in to your Amazon Connect account via Zoho CRM.


Allow Amazon Connect Integration

1. Go toSetup > Extensions & APIs > Other >

2. Choose Amazon Connect from the list of PhoneBridge integrations.


3. ClickEnable.


Log in to your Amazon Connect Account

After allowing the Amazon Connect integration, you will be redirected to your AWS account from Zoho CRM.

To log in to your Amazon Connect account

1. Now, click on Login to Amazon Connect.

2. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Amazon Connect console.
  • Click the instance from the list of available instances as per your requirement.

3. Click on theApplication Integration below Instance Alias.

application-integration-in-amzon-connect4. ClickAdd Origin


5. Please enter the Origin URL: ‘https://crm.zoho.com’.

6. The Zoho CRM domain (https://crm.zoho.com) will now be listed under ApprovedOrigins.become-appseconnect-partner

7. Please note down the requiredInstance Alias name from your Amazon Console page. Now, just  enter the Instance Alias name on the pop-up to login with Amazon Connect.

8. To log in later, you can use the phone icon at the bottom of the page.

9. If your Amazon Connect dashboard is opened instead of CCP (softphone) when you login to your account, you must open the CCP manually to login to Amazon Connect Account. Just Click on the phone icon on the top right corner of the Amazon Connect Dashboard.


10. Now you can make calls easily via Contact Control panel.


Use Amazon Connect Integration

Now that you have setup the Amazon Connect Integration, you can do the following easily:

·Receive calls
· Make Calls
·Follow-up Activity
·View Call Logs

Now, you can easily connect Zoho CRM with your back-end ERP and improve your business process!integrate-zoho-crm-with-ERP-appseconnect

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