Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Salesforce Integration

APPSeCONNECT integration for Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows fully bi-directional and automatic synchronization between both platforms, providing the most in depth integration

What you get?


• Fully bi-directional and automatic sync between your systems
• Most in-depth integration with the touch points
• Out of the box Integration features
• Easy personalization as per your business requirements.

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Available Integration Touchpoints

  • Leads are entered in Salesforce by the corresponding Sales Rep as Leads.
  • When Leads are qualified in Sales Force and converted into Accounts and Contacts, the corresponding Accounts and associated Contacts are synced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV as Customer in Customer Card and associated Contact will be added as Contact Person in Contact Card.
  • Similarly Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customers and Contacts can be uploaded to Salesforce and it will create new Accounts and associated Contacts.

  • APPSeCONNECT allows Dynamics NAV users to selectively upload Microsoft Dynamics NAV Item Card to Salesforce CRM.
  • One Price List of NAV will be mapped as the Standard Price of Salesforce and the additional Price Lists can be mapped with Price Books defined within Salesforce.
  • So when an Item is synced from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Salesforce, one Standard Price and multiple other Price Book’s Price will also be synced back to Salesforce.
  • Price Books are generally assigned to different customer groups like for Resellers/Wholesaler to offer the discounted price.

  • APPSeCONNECT Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration allows to sync Salesforce Orders into Microsoft Dynamics NAV as Sales Order.
  • Items Selected, Discounts (if any), billing and shipping address selected/entered at the time of Order will also be synced back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • According to business needs, the integration can also be personalized to sync Opportunity created in Salesforce CRM to Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a Sales Opportunities for further Order Processing.

1. APPSeCONNECT NAV Integration supports Dynamics NAV versions starting 2009 onward on SQL Server with presence of RTC Client, so this is a mandatory requirement.
2. Sales Opportunity sync is only supported for Dynamics NAV versions starting 2013 onward.


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InSync Partner

With InSync’s integration solution, we are able to provide our customers with quicker notifications about order status and real time inventory updates.

– Steve Cayton, Amerizon Wireless

InSync Partner

The integration service delivered by InSync has been excellent in a complex multi-website / multi-NAV company environment.

– Anthony Herve, Mercury Distribution

InSync Partner

InSync has greatly improved our business efficiency, especially the speed and accuracy of order processing and the ability to communicate more swiftly with all our customers.

– Dylan Wilk, Human Heart Nature

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