How to Create Cart-Level Discounts in Bigcommerce?

Bigcommerce allows cart level discount depending on certain criteria’s of customer’s shopping cart like if the customer is first – time buyer, met a certain order amount or if he/she has selected a particular brand. Get to know how you can create cart-level discounts easily in BigCommerce!

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version-wise Features – A Comparison

Even today we often meet many NAV Customers still using NAV 5.0, not associated anymore with their Microsoft Partner because they think their ERP Implementation working perfectly, didn’t focus on keeping their ERP upgraded to latest version because it meets their average requirements.

Why SaaS business model is important ?

Delivery of a software is as important as building or using a software.  Software from its very inception is delivered in various ways.

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Credit Management for SAP Magento B2B Integration

In a B2B business scenario, products are generally ordered in bulk and there are risk management features provided by SAP to mitigate risk for big transactions. The best practice is to assign company credit to the companies and have complete control over order processing by blocking the cycle at various stages.

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Salesforce – Year end Review 2015

2016 have started off, and I am optimistic on the fact that it awaits with some great news and updates from CRM industry. When we talk about CRM, the first name that comes to our mind is which happens to be one of the most highly valued cloud computing company with a market capitalization of over USD 50 billion.

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A Guide to Major Bigcommerce updates in 2015

If you are running a small or mid- sized or even a large e-business and you have millions of customers, bigcommerce functions well for you to maximize your Sale. By the end of 2015, Bigcommerce controls more than 95,000 online stores and has prepared over $5 billion in exchanges. That shows authenticity almost immediately.

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Benefits of Integrating your eBay store with ERP

Ebay Marketplace is one of the prime selling avenues for merchants online. Mostly, customers prefer eBay because they have different options made available by different retailers to shop online with. Again, you may find number of sellers to do business with; eBay gives you the platform where you can sell your items which you no longer need. “Ease of Use” and cost-effectiveness is what makes eBay most popular in recent years.

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Reap the Benefits of section 179 deduction before the year ends

Great news for all SME retailers! US government has come up with tax exemption under section 179 against hardware and software acquisitions before 31 st December 2015. For most of the retail industries, it is high time to fill their business gaps by purchasing must have software at less cost.

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How “Deal of the Day” affects an eCommerce Website

Online shopping is perhaps the best way to buy from a highly competitive market, and hence the customers find a zeal over eCommerce site during their leisure. Surfing over multiple eCommerce site to find the best deal is the major perception. But, time to time these become very monotonous, the craving ends when an e-commerce sites lure them with multiple offers, and, then comes the altercation between multiple e-commerce sites.

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Importance of gift wrapping in the holiday season

The online web-stores demands are high during the festive or holiday season. The holidays are almost knocking at the door and your customer are ready with their shopping list for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday followed by Christmas and New Year.

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