5 Challenges of Magento Marketers

Magento is the best available e-commerce world with small and mid-sized islands in it. These islands are the eStores where you sell your products online if you are thinking for an e-commerce start-up business, you now have a place to open your own eStore. Magento directly gives you the opportunity to connect you with your customers. It is seen that Magento based e-commerce site makes good business, but somehow they fail to support customer service. This is because these sites do not connect their backend to an ERP Software therefore it takes the time to feed the data in real-time. So the services do not stand up to the mark, leaving the customer unsatisfied.

5 common challenges faced by Magento Marketers:

  • Product Updates: The marketer on Magento store are not aware of the product details whether it is new stock or discounted stock. A product do have different size and sometimes colors available, but the marketer fails to view it.
  • Real-Time Data Sync: The consumers are not sure whether they have placed their orders successfully or it is under processing, this is because they do not receive updates regarding their online purchase from the backend of Magento stores.
  • Out of Stock: While a marketer is about to purchase a product which he/she is taking time to decide, suddenly the site displays ‘out of stock’. The reason behind is that the data are not fed in real time resulting the stock not being replenished
  • Logistic Details: The eStore’s in Magento which are not connected with ERP system, are unsuccessful in providing a delivery date. It is often seen that the shipments get delayed because the data’s are not fed in real time.
  • Order Cancellation: An item brought under any kind of impulsive vibe are often cancelled. Once the order is cancelled it is necessary to update the feedback, which does not take place automatically.

Business profit remains in the hands of efficiency. The efficiency comes with ERP software. Your e-commerce business have many facets to cover like human resource, accounting, production, manufacturing, sales, supply chain etc. which is not possible without Connecting to ERP. In case your business sales volume is on the higher note, even the ERP system would require a connector for streamlining your eStore. The Magento marketer are bound to face challenges because only Magento cannot support the whole eStore.

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