Can I backup my data? If so, how? What is the data that’s getting backed up?

There are two types of data in the cloud :

1. Configurational data:

These are the data elements which form the business logic of the integration. The configurational data is secure in our own cloud premise and our cloud data is regularly getting backed up for disaster recovery.

2. Transactional Data:

These data are created because of transactions being made on the systems. The data created on the local machine is either
a) APPSeCONNECT managed
b) Managed by tenant

In case of APPSeCONNECT managed, we let our users to create their own vault in our data storage services. The transactional data files are backed up in Encrypted data storage area through a secure channel. We ensure both Encryption at Rest and Encryption at transit, and the encryption key is dynamically generated for each customer.

In case of Managed by tenant, we support a wide range of public databases where you can route your transactional data such that those data is managed by yourself. Some of the examples of databases are : SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SAP Hana etc.

As per GDPR norms, you can also backup or remove your public profiles with us using an inbuilt feature.

* Note : Transactional data does not mean actual sensitive information about the e-business transactions, rather it is the metadata created to execute the integration points.

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