What should be the technical conditions to keep in mind while working with Data Integration?

The key technical considerations to keep in mind while working with data integration are:

  • Security
    Data security concerns are what businesses are more concerned about before deploying any new software with them. Following up with modern security protocols and which solution is enabled with them, can help you decide which solution to opt for.
  • Hardware
    Modern technology has advanced so much as to move from HDD to SSD. Rams have grown from 512 MB to 16 GB on client systems, on a server they might be even more. Opting for solutions that aren’t hosted in your system may allay your requirement of any expensive hardware improvement, however, point 1 needs to be considered first.
  • Existing Softwares
    Solutions that are deployed in your system, play the most deciding factor in choosing the integration solution. Availability of APIs play the most important role as all integration platform demand them. APIs pave the way for integration solutions to talk to the solution. Absence of such, lead to longer development/deployment phases from integration solution.
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