Welcome to an exhilarating journey of innovation, collaboration, and boundless creativity! APPSeCONNECT recently organized its second edition of Hackathon on the 29th and 30th of September, and it was certainly an event to remember! The Hackathon 2023 was the perfect platform to culture and nurture genius ideas, as well as a testament to the power of teamwork. While the event spanned over only two days, it was packed with loads of fun, enthusiasm, and of course, brilliant projects from all participants.

Join us as we recap how the Hackathon 2023 unfolded, and how the entire APPSeCONNECT family came together to combine innovation with business integration and automation.

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What is the APPSeCONNECT Hackathon?

At APPSeCONNECT, a hackathon is an annual 34-hour event that provides a platform for groundbreaking ideas and solutions within the company. During the event, employees come together and form teams to collaborate on creative projects, primarily related to integration and business automation.

Each team works on their respective projects, which are reviewed by jury panels comprised of senior professionals and executives in the company. After a few rounds of evaluation, the top 5 teams are selected and awarded.


However, despite the competitive format, the essence of Hackathon is not just to compete and win. Rather, the goal is to encourage participants to think outside the box, devise solutions that bridge gaps, enhance business operations, and drive digital transformation. It’s an event that not only fosters technical excellence but also promotes teamwork and collaboration.


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APPSeCONNECT Hackathon 2023 Details

Hackathon 2023 was the second edition of this annual event at APPSeCONNECT. And everybody invested commendable effort in making this year’s hackathon even more successful than the previous edition. Let’s quickly run through some of the details regarding the event.

1. Organizing Team and Support Staff

The first honorable mention goes to the entire team that organized and coordinated the program. Our event coordinator – Sagorika Sanyal Goswami (VP – Talent Acquisition), supervised every minute detail of the event to ensure things went smoothly. She was backed by a strong team of support staff, including IT Support, Admin and Logistics Support, Marketing Support, and Account Support.

2. The Jury Panel

The Hackathon Jury Panel was comprised of esteemed VPs and senior executives in the organization. This year, for the first time, we also featured two successful tech startup founders as external judges. Altogether, four jury panels were formed as follows:

Panel A: Subhajit Goswami (VP – Business Development) and Md Riaz (VP – Customer Success)

Panel B: Avijit Paul (VP – Customer Success), Abhishek Sur (VP – Product), and Shailendu Verma (Co-Founder)

Panel C: Jhilik Dasgupta (VP – Marketing), Atul Gupta (CEO and Co-founder), and Umesh Bhutoria (External judge, Founder @XemplaHq.)

Panel D: Samarendra Ghosh (VP – Technology), and Abhishek Mimani (External judge, Founder @eWards)


3. Teams and Projects.

This year, participants were divided into 17 teams consisting of 4 members each. The projects undertaken by every team looked impressive on paper, and they all did an equally praiseworthy task in bringing those projects to life before the judges. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the innovative projects that were developed by participants during the hackathon.

  • Cloud app functionality with AI
  • AI-powered lead verification and automated lead validation from Webform to CRM
  • ProcessFlow Execution using natural language
  • Auto-validation of adapter code
  • Automation of purchase cycle (P2P)
  • Data sync report using WhatsApp for Business
  • Dynamics 365 CRM and Zoho Projects integration
  • Amazon and SAP S/4HANA integration
  • Kibo Commerce and NetSuite integration, and more!

4. Mentors

Our participants were not all on their own, as they were guided by different mentors. Three of our jury panel members – Abhishek Sur, Avijit Paul, and Subhajit Goswami – were also acting as mentors for this year’s hackathon. They brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, providing invaluable insights and assistance to the participants throughout the hackathon. The mentorship provided by these experts not only enhanced the quality of projects but also contributed to the overall learning experience for our participants. Their dedication and commitment to nurturing talent were instrumental in making this event a success.

Hackathon Triumphs and Memories: Quick Recap of Events

Day 1, 29th September

9 am: Hackathon is on!

On the day of the event, employees and staff slowly made their way into the office premises on Friday morning. The excitement in the air was palpable as Hackathon 2023 kicked off with laughs, best wishes, enthusiasm, and of course, a hearty breakfast!

9 am – 12 pm: The teams dive in.

After breakfast, the teams wasted no time grouping up and settling in their favorite workstations. Right off the bat, everyone sprinted to complete the initial planning phase of their project. Amidst the inaudible murmurs of team discussions and the rhythmic clatter of keyboard and mouse clicks, all participants found themselves deeply engaged and immersed in shaping their ideas and executing their projects.

12 pm – 6 pm: Review 1 begins!

One after another, the teams made their way into the presentation room to finally showcase their hard work and innovative ideas in front of the first jury panel. In the first review, half the teams were evaluated by Jury Panel A and the other half by Jury Panel B. In between the reviews, everyone also gathered for a delicious meal that had been arranged for lunch.

After the first review, the judges were quite pleased with the effort, creativity, and teamwork displayed by all participants. On a large screen, a live leaderboard was displayed which was constantly updated after the review and scoring of each team. It was an interesting touch that further motivated the participants and ignited the sparks of competitive spirit.

hackathon_1 (1)

6 pm – 8 pm: Commencing the second phase.

In the second phase, the teams worked on the basic execution of their project. Once again, all hands were on deck as participants pushed through their limits to refine ideas, overcome technical challenges, and race against the clock to prepare for the second review.

8 pm: Review 2 begins!

It was now time for the teams to make their way into the presentation rooms for the second review. This time, they were evaluated based on their development approach, planning, execution, initial documentation, and a live demo of their project. Some teams did better than others in terms of review and scoring, but the judges wholeheartedly appreciated the dedication and enthusiasm of every team, regardless of the outcome on the leaderboards.

Day 2, 30th September

12 am – 2 am: Review 2 completed.

The second review continued well beyond midnight on day 2. Fatigue was slowly kicking in among participants, but their excitement and passion, combined with some much-needed refreshments arranged by the organizers, enabled everyone to stay sharp and focused even through the night. Finally, the second round of reviews was complete.

2 am – 7 am: Work, Play, Sleep.

After the second review, some participants continued working on the final phase of their project. Some decided to catch a few hours of sleep, preserving their energy for the last stretch of the hackathon. And many others also indulged in some fun and merrymaking.

After all, Hackathon is not just about coding; it’s also about building camaraderie, sharing ideas, and creating lasting memories with fellow participants. As the night turned into dawn, the office premises remained abuzz with a mix of focused work, laughter, and a few well-deserved moments of rest. This balance between dedication and enjoyment fuelled the participants for the challenges that lay ahead on the final day of the event.

7 am: Yoga Session

Early morning, all participants were greeted with a surprising notification that a yoga session had been arranged. After welcoming the instructor, everyone joined the session to rejuvenate their mind and body before gearing up for the final review.

The instructor was experienced in guiding participants through a series of stretching, breathing, and meditative exercises. It turned out to be an amazing stressbuster and energy booster, allowing everyone to clear their minds and find focus.

hackathon_2 (1)

As the session concluded, a sense of calm and renewed energy pervaded the hackathon atmosphere. Participants were ready to face the challenges of the final review with a refreshed spirit and a clear mind.

8 am – 11 am: Good food and hard work continues.

After enjoying a wonderful breakfast, all the teams sunk into their workstations for the final showdown! Keyboard clatters, mouse clicks, and long lines of code intensified as participants pushed themselves to wrap up their projects.

11 am – 4 pm: Final Review – moment of truth!

The final review was conducted by Jury Panels C and D, which also included our two esteemed guests and external judges.

This phase was undeniably the most challenging. Judges meticulously examined each project, scrutinizing not only the technical aspects but also the business potential and real-world use cases. Participants were put to the test with a barrage of difficult questions, probing the depth of their knowledge and the viability of their solutions. The atmosphere in the review room was tense, as teams presented their innovations, defended their ideas, and showcased their hard work. It was a true test of the participants’ problem-solving abilities, technical expertise, and communication skills.

hackathon_3 (1)

Despite the pressure, participants remained resilient and demonstrated their passion for their projects. The final review phase was a culmination of unwavering dedication, innovative ideas, and well-planned execution by every team member.

Awarding the Hackathon 2023 Winners and Felicitation Ceremony

Computers were shutting down. The tension in the atmosphere slowly lightened. The challenge was over.

It was finally time to unveil the winners. The winners of the 2023 Hackathon are:

  • Team 6: Saurav Guha, Surajit Kundu, Nabwya Mukherjee, Bishwajit Prasad Singh
  • Team 15: Kishore Kumar Barik, Sakshi Singh, Anitha Kumari Velpula, Sanjib Adhikary
  • Team 1: Swagata Chakraborty, Subhajit Mondal, Nayonika Goswami, Soubhik Sen
  • Team 2: Dipta Roy, Madhubanti Roy, Gargi Ghosh Choudhury, Mainak Sreemany
  • Team 3: Subhasish Routh, Ratnadeep Dasgupta, Diptesh Guha, Shivangi Gupta


All winners were awarded cash prizes, certificates, and goodie bags, along with praise and applause from everyone in the event. A short ceremony was also held afterward, where the judges, mentors, organizers, and support teams were also felicitated for their immense contribution and efforts in making the event such a roaring success.

Despite working round the clock for 34 hours with little to no sleep, the participants looked vibrant with wide smiles on their faces. Sure, the fatigue was kicking in, but there was no doubt that in their hearts, everyone was pleased with their efforts and another year of unforgettable experiences.

The Lighter Side of Hackathon 2023

Hackathon 2023 was not all about work, as the teams also indulged in lighthearted fun and entertainment with friends and colleagues. Amidst the intense coding and problem-solving, participants found moments to unwind and create lasting memories. Jokes and light pranks among teams added laughter to the stressful moments, and in between the challenging moments, everyone made some room for laughter and bonding.

Final Notes

APPSeCONNECT’s 2023 Hackathon not only demonstrated the company’s dedication to innovation but also underscored its ability to adapt to changing technology landscapes. The collaborative spirit exhibited during the hackathon is a testament to APPSeCONNECT’s strong company culture. It showcased how employees from various departments come together, breaking down silos, and leveraging their diverse skills to drive meaningful innovation.

The participation of external judges and tech startup founders added a valuable external perspective, enriching the event and bringing fresh insights. This also aligns with the company’s commitment to continuous learning and openness to external expertise.

Lastly, the memorable moments of laughter and camaraderie among the teams during the hackathon reflected not just a focus on work but also on building strong relationships among colleagues.

All in all, APPSeCONNECT’s 2023 Hackathon was a resounding success, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation, teamwork, and fostering a culture of creative problem-solving.

If you have multiple business applications running in your business and want to seamlessly connect your entire software stack under a single, intelligent, and secure platform to automate your business processes, implement APPSeCONNECT’s robust integration connectors and achieve exponential growth in your business.