Bigcommerce is a SaaS, cloud-based solution that offers control and flexibility to set up products to the specific needs of the store owner empowering B2B and B2C ecommerce. It is very user convenient to manage the products whether they are physical or digital; simple or have variations in attributes; visible in store or not. To set up products for the store as:

  • Go to Products -> Add
  • Under the Basic Information section, it is mandatory to provide Product Name, Default Price and Weight of the product (if it is a physical type of product). SKU, Product Type, Brand, Categories can be provided as per preference.

A brand allows shoppers to search for products by brand name (e.g. Allen Solley, Maybelline, Play Station).
Categories are useful to cluster products based on similar attributes. For example,

  • Electronics category for electronics products (washing machine, camera, refrigerators, etc.)
  • Kids, Women, Men for clothing/ apparels
  • Apps & games for video games, PC games, etc.
  • In the description section, information about your product is provided along with plain text, bullet points, links, or additional images and videos.


  • In the Images & Videos section adding images and videos of the product makes the store user-friendly.
    • JPEG/JPG, GIF and PNG type of image files are supported in Bigcommerce to be uploaded.
    • Bigcommerce allows adding Youtube videos in its store.

User experience is enhanced by adding variations and specification in products. Variation in size, color, volume and length is also customizable in Bigcommerce. A variant implies variation of a product and has specific option values defined — like a large, green T-shirt. For setting up variants in store,

  • Go to product Options -> Add Variant option
  • Now Give a Name of the variant (say Size, Volume, Colour, etc.).
  • Select Type that will define how the variants will be viewed in store
  • Give values for those variants (say Blue, Red, Green for color; large, small for size)
  • Now, these variants can also be customized and beautified individually by adding image, SKU, Default price and selecting checkboxes whether they are Purchasable or not.



Bigcommerce supports another useful feature to show Related products of a product on the store. This setup can be done from Set Related Products Automatically and/or manually. It has great SEO functions that enhance the business.

The products are the backbone of a website and it plays the most important role in pulling customers to your store. And in e-commerce how you present your products is vital as the customers do not get to see and inspect them physically. In Bigcommerce, ease, user-friendly setup process and beautification of the store makes it the perfect place to expand one’s business.

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