WooCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

ECommerce is undoubtedly the easiest to launch and manageable sales platform for merchants. Many small individuals/organizations avoid having physical shops because of the huge expenses and manpower associated with it. Also there are many organizations whose offline local business network is very strong, but eCommerce can provide them opportunity to grow beyond local region.
Attracting new visitors is an ongoing activity, but rather more important is keeping your previous/existing customers engaged. If they repeatedly visit your website, there are high chances that with each visit the purchase amount and quantity will increase. Also repeat customers are good referrers as well. So how you can keep your customers engaged?

  • Keep their details – Gather and record as much information as you can about your registered customers, their birth dates, anniversary, etc.
  • Send Gift Cards – Send Gift Cards dedicated to customer with additional discounts or free gift on their birthday, anniversary
  • Offers and Discounts – Send details of Best Deals, Offers, Discounted Combo Packages details to customers time to time
  • Invite to attend new Launch – Send invitation and might be a discount coupon on New Launched Brands, Products, Product Line, etc. happening through your eCommerce website
  • Loyalty Point Details – Send details of gifts which they can redeem based on their current Loyalty Point level

So as you can see there are many ways through which you can keep your customers attentive towards your store. But managing these activities through eCommerce is not practical or ideal, this is a task of a CRM System. But when maintaining a separate CRM like MS Dynamics CRM and your eCommerce; the data of eCommerce need to be feeded in within the CRM automatically. APPSeCONNECT Integration performs just that.

Woocommerce is the most popular eCommerce Platform in the market, millions of merchants using this. Similarly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular and feature rich CRM system. APPSeCONNECT seamlessly connect these 2 platforms so that eCommerce records can be stored in CRM and CRM updates can reach to eCommerce. Let’s see how:

  • Customer Sync – Any new customer registered in Woocommerce eCommerce website will be synced back to MS Dynamics CRM as Contact. All details of the web customer including billing and shipping address will be available within the CRM system.
  • Customer Update – Existing customer information if gets updated by Sales Employees within CRM system, such as Phone Number, Billing or Shipping Address Changes, etc. all these updates will automatically reach to Woocommerce and update customer information.
  • Order Sync – Any orders placed by Woocommerce webshop customers will be synced to Dynamics CRM as ‘New’ status Order. All the order details like Items Ordered, Amount, Freight, Payment Method, etc. will be available in Dynamics CRM side. Woocommmerce Shipping Method and Freight of Dynamics CRM will be mapped properly to show exact information and amount.
  • Order Fulfillment – If any order which get synced from Woocommerce gets updated in Dynamics CRM, like it’s invoiced or Fulfilled, these details will reach to Woocommerce Webshop and will complete the order.

APPSeCONNECT is a robust platform which integrates your apps to increase your business efficiency. If you are interested in Woocommerce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration, you can request a FREE trial now.

APPSeCONNECT 30 days free trial

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