Integrated B2B eCommerce for Sage 300 ERP

With the growing adoption of B2B eCommerce, businesses and owners are more keen on bringing more features to the platforms to cater better to the customers. One such useful and important addition is the introduction of integrated eCommerce solutions that provide an end-to-end business process automation and mapping for the customers. While having an eCommerce store is great, what can make it amazing is a B2B-capable eCommerce solution that is build to be integrated with other crucial apps of any business.

On the other hand, when we talk about eCommerce businesses and platforms, ERP solutions come in as one of the primary applications used by organizations to manage and maintain their back-end processes. In recent times, Sage 300 ERP has emerged as one of the finest, most stable and powerful ERP solutions in the market and provides a cumulative and comprehensive feature list for B2B modules of businesses as well. However, for such businesses, SAGE 300 and the eCommerce solution can only provide the best result when there is a free-flow of data between the two systems, i.e. when both applications are integrated.

In light of this, APPSeCONNECT is glad to organize a webinar titled “Integrated B2B eCommerce for Sage 300 ERP” which will showcase the seamless integration of Sage 300 with a B2B-capable eCommerce platform. The webinar will also guide the viewers on the latest and most scalable B2B features of Sage 300, explain how Sage 300 is best suited for B2B expansion and how an automated and integrated solution can help provide a more coherent customer experience.
The following points are to be covered in the webinar:

  • Intro to B2B eCommerce Features.
  • Introduction to Sage 300 B2B features.
  • Compatible eCommerce and Sage B2B Features.
  • Business Object Mapping.
  • Sage 300 and B2B eCommerce Integration Demo.
  • QA

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