Our Product Release Version 3.5.0 - APPSeCONNECT

Product Release date: 02 July 2017

Product Release version: 3.5.0

As our tagline states “Empower your business” with APPSeCONNECT, so with every release, we ensure that we can bring innovations, improvisations that could delight you and help your business in the long run. In this second quarter release of 2017, we kept an eagle eye on every area, when there was a call for refinement and when new features to be added.

So, without further ado, let’s have a quick look at the list of changes we made during this release:

What’s New In Cloud

 You will be glad to know that to enhance the capability of workflow, we have introduced Rules which will allow you to take key decisions through workflow, You can now easily define and execute complex decision logic through an easy graphical simulation. This, in a way will help any business to drive its internal processes swiftly with changing business needs, confirming their agility. Rules offer a great deal of flexibility, as they can be modified in runtime unlike procedural codes.

Structurally, this business rules are the criterions, which when met, actions are taken to route the information to their respective routing options. You can visualize it as sophisticated if/then interpreter and the interpreted statement as rules.

Apart from graphical rules simulation, which is more workflow-specific, you can also make your Rules generic for all applications through our organizational Rule Engine mechanism. This Rule Engines are more event-based, which gets triggered for all applications whenever the set criteria gets satisfied.

In short, with Rule mechanism in place, business implementers can easily create and maintain applications with minimal effort.

Currently, using APPSeCONNECT Rules you can set off following routing options/actions:

  • Tickets & E-mail – You can define a rule in a way that whenever any application trouble happens, for eg.- APPSeCONNECT is throwing an exception while synchronizing data, then a support ticket will get automatically raised. User does not have to wait for the error and also they don’t have to explicitly define them. In this way, you can automate your help desk tasks easily.Another mode of notification is email, you can define the rule to route the message through customized emails. This email get auto-sent to its recipient when the specific conditions set on rule are evaluated as passed.
  • Storage – It may happen that you want to do R&D or refer to any file for reference that holds data related to specific transaction during synchronization. For this convenience, we have included Store as one of the action criteria while defining the rule.
  • WebHooks – Sometimes when you create a rule for an application, you want to see its effect outside that application. Using APPSeCONNECT, you can now create a rule which sends real time stream of information to any other web application. In normal cases, APIs’ generate responses only when requests were provided but with WebHook, whenever any event is triggered i.e. whether a data has been added or updated an instant notification will get pushed to an external application, instead of waiting for the request.

Let’s say, for e.g.,  you want to set a rule for handling online payment and you want to get notified whenever a payment completes or gets failed/rejected. Also, you can instantly know if the payment is refunded, you just have to identify the rule conditions you care about and the url in which you want the relevant data to be posted. So, instead of users redirecting through every steps and waiting for what to do next, Webhook notifications saves time and resources.

Other than Rules, in the same line we have enhanced our Workflow execution by providing Filter option, where you can decide on the type of data you want to filter and you can set it dynamically. This will help businesses in making quick decision changes. Have you ever wanted to view and manage orders of specific customers?

Well you can – by using APPSeCONNECT Workflow filters. Suppose you want to manage customers orders in separate ERP companies based on their geographical region, viz. US orders in one company and UK orders in other, simply apply the filter in your Workflow Design and get the data you need and send it to the desired location.

For ease of implementation, we have also provided Import/Export features where one can directly import/export files containing value mapping details instead of manually scribbling each of them.


 On Integration front, we improvised our existing bunch of integrators and also supplemented the list by adding some more new integration solutions.

Let us have quick brief on our latest additions:

  • SAP B1 and Lightspeed POS Integrations – This time we understood the changing business needs and thought of streamlining the operation by providing this integration. As Lightspeed users prefer lightening fast shopping without any hassle or time consuming process, so we cashed on this fact and equipped our application in a way that will allow store owner to get hold of their productivity and sales. Here are the integration points:
    • Product Sync
    • Sales Order Sync
    • Shipment Sync
    • Stock Update
  • SAP B1 and WooCommerce Integrations – Not only we worked on integration points but also on compatibility factor and made this integration solution robust enough to make it compatible with all the released version of WooCommerce. Let’s have a quick look at its integration points:
    • Customer Sync
    • Sales Order Sync
    • Item Sync
    • Stock Update


To improve our B2B offering, we included few more features to provide a more unified approach towards delivering B2B functionality in a better way.

So, what key features you can look forward to:

  • Bulk Order Capability – In our last release, we introduced Quick Order feature, which opened the gate for our B2B customers for placing repeat orders. In this release, we enhanced this capability by allowing a much more faster way , where B2B users can upload a file (in.csv format) containing multiple product records at a time. This kind of quicker approach will help in driving up repeat customer and also boost up the order frequency.
  • Sales Representative can have better control over their customers where they can track for specific customers as per their need and will know what kind of orders they are responsible for.
  • We also worked on B2B Email notifications where B2B approver will receive email notification whenever they have orders to approve.

With the current offerings that are ready to be served in your platter and some more exciting features in the pipeline for future releases, APPSeCONNECT always feel the urge of growing the business of its consumers by enriching itself.

Seasons greetings to all of you 🙂

Thank you.

For in-depth view of our current release features, refer: Detailed Release Notes for 2017-Q2

Our integrations are dynamic in nature. The mentioned offerings are the cumulative possibilities of the platform (actual scenarios are specifically organization/business-dependent). For any disparity, please refer to the latest version of the integration brochures.