In this article, we are going to see how to create a ‘Quote’ in Salesforce and sync it to SAP B1. For the process of syncing the Quote data we will use APPSeCONNECT, a best-in-the-class iPaaS Solution. This solution connects and integrates any kind of business application based on the requirement of the owners. Only a smart and robust application will facilitate the seamless transfer of data.

A quote in Salesforce is a specific combination of Products, Quantities and Pricing. It’s the specific group of products and their associated prices that you’ve quoted to a customer. You can create a quote from an opportunity and its products. We can have multiple quotes associated with a single opportunity, but only one of them can be synced with the opportunity record. Only the details associated with that quote and its line items are synchronized with the opportunity.

Steps to Create a Quote in Salesforce:

As a Quote is dependent on Opportunity, we need to create an Opportunity prior to create a quote. To create an opportunity, give the details like Opportunity Name, Account name, Closed date, and Stage etc., and click on save. Now create a quote for this opportunity, enter details for the quote and click on save.


Syncing Quote to SAP B1:

To sync this quote to SAP B1 we are using the business application integration platform called APPSeCONNECT.Connect-SAP-B1-with-Salesforce-5

Steps to Sync Quote to SAP Business One from Salesforce:

Open APPSeCONNECT Agent and Navigate to sync panel; choose the Salesforce-SAP Business One connection and search for Salesforce quotation Touchpoint. Now, click on the play button.


If the quote is successfully synced to SAP Business One, the SAP Quote ‘DocNum’ will be synced to ‘SAP Quote number’ field in Salesforce.


Searching for Quote in SAP B1:                      

Login to SAP Business One and Navigate to Sales-A/R module and search for the quote with the SAP ‘DocNum’.



Here we’ve seen how a quote is created in Salesforce and synced to SAP Business One. In the response SAP Quote ‘DocNum’ is synced to Salesforce. In this way we can sync Quote from SAP to Salesforce and vice-versa using ‘APPSeCONNECT’.

Video Demonstration

The video demonstrates step by step procedure of creating a Quote in Salesforce and syncing it to SAP B1:

Now, you can easily Connect SAP Business One ERP and Salesforce CRM to automate your business process!Connect-SAP-B1-with-Salesforce-5

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