Optimize SAP Parts Inventory and Make Your Service Contracts Profitable
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Intelligent solution to improve visibility and analytics in SAP and unlock integration with other systems

Industry verticals such as manufacturing and distribution cannot thrive without a capable customer service function. The processes involved include diligent management of inventory, service contracts, deferred billing / incoming payments, warranty tracking, effective handling of service calls and dispatch board.

ECS, an APPSeCONNECT partner, has recently devised the ProcECS Engine that resides within SAP. The solution not only helps businesses manage the above processes within SAP but also enables users to drive productivity and visualize data, based on their organization’s unique workflow. Organizations can grow revenues and increase their bottom-line performance by preventing revenue leaks and expanding service offerings in a way backed by data.

Join the webinar and explore how ProcECS brings visibility and analytics to make service contracts optimal and profitable. Also, witness how companies can leverage best-of-the-breed non-SAP applications and integrate them with their ProcECS-powered SAP core using APPSeCONNECT.


David Gurvis

Product Manager at ProcECS

David has been associated with medical device sales and service industry and has served as President for a Florida-based Ophthalmic equipment manufacturer for 25 years. He is an active advisor to many SAP customers.

Shailendu Verma
Co-Founder at APPSeCONNECT
Shailendu has helped over 1,200 organizations seamlessly integrate applications with their digital core. He has been featured on popular forums such as Customer Think, Enterprise Resource, Strategy Driven, Salesforce Ben and SAP AG. An avid Soccer Fan and follows La Liga.

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