6 Benefits of Integrating NAV & Bigcommerce using APPSeCONNECT

Bigcommerce supports search engine optimization by providing features such as effective use of heading tags, search engine friendly links, ALT tags, per product tags and per page title tags. It also includes a built in, content management system which helps in publishing of website content including web pages, blogs, news items, coupon codes and promotional banners.

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How to move Magento store from one host to another

This article is for the eCommerce merchants who are now jaded with their current hosting. You may have various reasons for this move, whatever your reasons are I believe that have reached the peak for you to leap. Now the question lies how will you do it? I am here to provide you with a solution to make it easy and smooth for you. Let’s get started!

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4 Effective Ways to Write Product Descriptions on your Online Retail

Product displayed online are often interpreted by the product information, images and videos. The product description is simply few words about the products fabric and specification. These products description content should act as a marketing substitute through which you can lure your customers. The description which you provide for your customers should entice them. The secret of writing a product description lies in engaging, convincing and yes selling too.

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Top online payment gateways for eCommerce Platform

Many of us are scared to shop online because we are scared of the hackers. Stories comes up on the social media and other sites about account being hacked and the illustrative bill follows too many cyber-crime protocols. So the internet hackers have found the way to hack our account and we the customers have got few smart options to secure our online transactions.

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Sustaining In eCommerce Platforms

The moment you understand online sales are more profitable business, you are ready to take the leap. The challenges lies in choosing the eCommerce platform, where the entire business, in future have a stability and longevity.

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How to address your customer’s fear?

40% population of the world is now familiar with the internet usage. The eCommerce market has grown worldwide and over a billion of people are selling and purchasing products and services online. Though many of us prefer the old fashioned rhythm (because we are familiar with it) we have to agree that the convergence era has made our life easier.

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Challenges faced while integrating ERP with estore ? How can APPSeCONNECT resolve this challenges?

ERP integration with an eStore helps you to streamline your online business. This solutions is decked up with many business application which caters all your e-business departments and ensure seamless data transfer accessible by all department. Facing challenges while integrating ERP with eStore is pretty common.

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5 reason why shoppers leave your online store

You have invested your time, money and energy to create a flashy eCommerce store properly decked up with fashionable product. You have even marketed your site well. You get proper traffics but they are just visitor in your site and not the customer. Now if you are unable to convert your visitors into customers you are at loss.

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Case study for Magento ERP connector success

Kribha Handicrafts a Mumbai based retail industry offering wide range of products from apparel, metal ware, jewelry and home furnishing. The products offered by Kribha Handicrafts are handmade, natural products, ethnic, organic which are exclusively made in India.

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Major challenges of B2B e-commerce business

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