Salesforce is one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tool around and is used by a large number of businesses across the world. This CRM tool helps businesses to manage their customer data, connect with them on social media, nurture leads, and effectively provide greater customer service. However, every business that uses Salesforce also uses other applications to help them with varied business processes such as managing backend operations, frontend interfaces, publishing content, etc. Salesforce integrations for these varied apps help businesses to eliminate duplicate copies of data and streamlines the CRM with the business applications and brings together various functions to a single interface. To integrate Salesforce with other applications, a business would require a robust and smooth integration platform and we have just the thing any business might need – APPSeCONNECT.

APPSeCONNECT offers best-in-the-breed integration solution for Salesforce and has already been a benchmark in the current iPaaS industry.

Let us now take a look at 10 apps that are particularly useful for Salesforce users.

1. Marketo

Marketo is a marketing automation tool that helps companies to manage leads, gain access to sales insights, understand revenue cycle and also engage in social marketing. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and enables the stores with a super-tool which provides support to customers and manage the leads. Salesforce users can integrate Marketo to understand how much sales-ready a customer is, and also to nurture those who have been identified as potential leads. It also doubles up as an email marketing tool, which is often an important requirement for marketing departments. Marketo is available on AppExchange, Salesforce’s marketplace.

2. WordPress

WordPress is an important content management system which is used by a number of businesses to host and run their websites. It is known for its simple and intuitive interface, strong publishing features, and thousands of plugins for various requirements. By integrating Salesforce with WordPress, you will be able to bring Customer Relationship Management to your own website and sync important data between the two applications. It becomes easier to track and manage the customers right from your content management system, and that is a convenience few would choose to ignore.

3. SAP Business Suite

SAP Business Suite is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, which helps companies to run their businesses efficiently and manage data across many fields. SAP ECC Salesforce integration helps you turbocharge your day-to-day business operations easily. Salesforce brings the best customer relationship management tool, and combining it with an enterprise resource planning tool such as SAP ECC will help companies eliminate overlapping processes. In other words, SAP ECC Salesforce integration saves you from duplicate copies of data, and lack of productivity at work. You can choose the number of modules before Salesforce integrations, so that there is a certain level of control for every organization. Salesforce integration with SAP is a wise choice to make indeed.

4. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is another ERP tool that is popular with companies which prefer Microsoft products. The tool focuses on the public sector, retail and manufacturing sectors along with others. Certain financial companies and manufacturing units use Microsoft Dynamics too, as it provides an easy interface to use other Microsoft products such as Yammer, Azure, etc. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Salesforce is a great idea, as helps you to bring excellent customer relationship management solutions to your ERP. In fact, like SAP Salesforce integration, integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics is very important to run businesses effectively. All you need to do is choose the modules of Microsoft Dynamics which you want to integrate with Salesforce. Salesforce integration with ERP will help you to manage your leads and customers better.


5. NetSuite

NetSuite is a great cloud-based ERP and CRM tool, that is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. Many larger businesses use NetSuite as well, and integrating it with Salesforce brings high-level customer and lead management features to NetSuite. It is important to recognize that Salesforce is a highly specialized CRM tool, and using an application such as NetSuite will help companies to turbocharge their backend processes. NetSuite has a CRM component too, but it is not as specialized as Salesforce CRM and the integration with Salesforce will help businesses to overcome this deficit.

6. Oracle EBS

Oracle E-Business Suite is one of the most popular business applications around, especially favored by large enterprises. It comes with a plethora of features such as HRMS, supply chain management, call center services, etc. Integrating Oracle with Salesforce is a great idea as it helps companies by bringing amazing customer management tools and techniques to their enterprise application suite. As Oracle EBS is a large suite of applications, only a few modules are required for integration with Salesforce, and one needs to seek advice from experienced vendors before implementing integration. Salesforce-ERP integration is a complex task and requires much planning beforehand.

7. Drupal

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS used by companies working heavily on content and a number of companies run their websites using Drupal. It is a great platform to publish content and provides web admins with a number of features that helps them to run websites in a much more comprehensive manner. It is particularly useful for companies that need to run complex and large websites. Salesforce integration helps to make your Drupal website more customer friendly, and you will be able to provide excellent customer care for your targeted audience. What’s more, you will also be able to nurture your leads and understand your web traffic better when you integrate these two excellent tools.

8. InsideView

If you want to understand your market entirely, there is no better tool than InsideView. This SaaS tool brings analysis and insights about the market, target audience, and customers, from across the world. Using InsideView with Salesforce is a great idea as you will be able to gain deeper insights about your market before launching a marketing campaign. You will be able to develop stronger brand management campaigns, come up with better content marketing strategies, and nurture your leads more powerfully when you integrate InsideView with Salesforce.

9. Geopointe

If you have always been wondering where your customers come from, and if you engage in a business that depends on proximity searching, look no further than Geopointe. Geopointe provides excellent mapping and routing information, and companies use this service to access analytics, data, and information regarding everything related to location. When you integrate Salesforce with Geopointe, you will be able to provide location-based customer service, and this will help you to target your customers better. With a growing focus on proximity searching, Salesforce needs the mapping information that Geopointe provides.

10. Workday

If you are looking for an on-demand tool to manage your human capital and finances, look no further than Workday. This critically-acclaimed cloud-based application is used by a number of organizations to manage their finances and human capital. Connecting Salesforce with Workday helps you to manage your business better, by bringing employee management and customer care together. Organizations usually experience a chasm between managing their finances, human capital and their customers. By integrating Workday with Salesforce, you can fill the missing gaps, and enhance productivity at work.

Salesforce lends itself to integration easily.

While these ten apps help most companies to do a lot of things with their Salesforce CRM, there are many more applications in the market which are great with Salesforce integrations. With more people using Salesforce to run their commerce stores, the need to integrate it with various analytical, backend and frontend applications will increase. SAP ECC Salesforce integration is a very popular Salesforce business integration, but as you can see, many other apps can be integrated too.

Integration is a complex process and it is not just about connecting two applications to bring their data together. It involves assurance that the company chooses the right architecture and is prepared for risks, the steps being taken to mitigate them, and has policies concerning employees, etc. APPSeCONNECT is a one of a kind integration platform which helps you integrate Salesforce seamlessly with other applications as per the business requirements of a company.  One of the reasons why Salesforce is so popular is that Salesforce business integration is very easy and secure. Our Salesforce integration best practices ensure that all apps are connected in an effective and professional manner.

Now, you can easily integrate Salesforce with the back-end ERP System and automate your business process!salesforce-integration-with-ERP

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