Why-You-Should-Attend-Meet Magento-Prague-2017

The second chapter of the leading eCommerce conference for Magento – Meet Magento Prague, organized by Neklo is just a week away. This is just to remind you what you will miss if you don’t come.

  • Prague is one of the top 10 beautiful cities of the world. Considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, Prague is famous for its Romanesque chapels, cellars and cathedrals with Gothic architecture. What better excuse could there be to visit this magnificent city.


  • Meet new people from your segment of the Magento community! Whether you are a developer, a merchant or a solution provider you are bound make some good connections.


  • Meet Magento’s leading globetrotting evangelist, Ben Marks. He logs 300,000 miles per year criss-crossing the globe as the Magento Evangelist. Imagine the number of people from the community he has spoken to and the knowledge he has. Even a 5min conversation with him can you give an insight into the past and future of Magento you would find no-where.



  • If you are solution provider it’s an excellent opportunity to promote your services/solution on an international platform with Meet Magento’s sponsorship opportunities.


  • See some of the best designed Magento stores compete to grab the title of the best eCommerce store. Meet their teams and get some quick tips and inspiration.


  • A great place to share as well gain wisdom on Magento. Many industry experts would be sharing their knowledge on the best practices and latest technology trends.
  • Meet Magento Prague 2017 will be held in a 3D format, for the first time in the history of Meet Magento. With the great atmosphere, and 360° realistic Dolby Atmos sound, this Conference will give you a phenomenal experience!


  • Finish the day of the event with a rocking after-party at Great Monastery Restaurant with excellent beers from the Matuška Brewery.


Team APPSeCONNECT will be there at the event and we will speaking about how merchants can leverage Magento to the fullest by connecting it to other LOB applications.

So, come and meet us and once the event is over, don’t forget to take a walk through the endless cobble streets of old Prague!


APPSeCONNECT is a smart integration solution that connects Magento eCommerce stores with CRM, POS, Marketplace accounts and Back-office ERP under one single platform and help them share real-time data. We are a promising and emerging player in the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) industry segment with over 500 customers and 120 partners spread across 40 countries.

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