Even if you are completely okay with how your OpenCart website performs, there is always room for improvement. Like any other software product, OpenCart too gets better with every new version. There are new features, bug fixes, less security vulnerabilities and more software enhancements with every new version of it. Besides that, all new extensions and themes are released for the latest version and above all; hey you’re using the latest version. In this blog post you will learn to upgrade OpenCart store in three easy steps-

Step 1: Data backup:

1.1: Before we begin the installation of the newer version, we need to keep a backup of our existing data. We can do this in two ways:

Process I – Using the OpenCart built in functionality

  • Login to your OpenCart admin panel and navigate to System à Backup/Restore.
  • backup-data-in-opencart

  • Select all your tables in the database and click on the export icon.
  • backup-and-restore-in-opencart


Process II –  Using phpMyAdmin

  • Login to phpMyAdmin à choose your OpenCart database structure à click on “Export” à select “Go”
  • export-data-in-opencart-using-phpmyadmin

    1.2 Downloading files from the root directory:

    If the site has been hosted on a local server we can simply copy the contents of the root folder and if the site has been hosted on any remote server, we can download all the files and folders from our site root directory using any FTP client.


    Step 2: Uploading the new version:

    • Download the latest version of OpenCart and extract the downloaded zip file.
    • Here also we can use either the cPanel or the FTP client.
    • If the website is hosted on the local server, go to the root directory of the downloaded file and open the upload folder.


    • Copy all the contents of the upload folder and paste it in the upload folder of the older version.
    • During the upload process, it will be prompted to handle files with the same name.We can choose to override and apply those actions for the whole queue. The most important part here is to make sure that the existing config.php and admin/config.php files remain the same.



    • If the website is hosted on the remote server we can use the FTP client to upload the newer version.


    Step 3: Wrapping up and enjoying the new version

    This process is used to initiate the actual install. For this we need to simply add “install” with your site address. For e.g. http://templatebar.com/Individual/hiba/opencart1/admin/install .

    If all the previous steps have been implemented successfully, the OpenCart upgrade page should open successfully.


    Click “upgrade” and you could see the success screen in front of you and in order to avoid any odd behavior of your website, clear your browser cache and cookie history before visiting your store admin page.



    We need to give the administrator permissions so that he/she can access the new settings. For this navigate to System à Users à User groups and click on the edit icon of the Administrator select and give all the access and modify permisiion and click on the save button.


    and here you go with your upgraded OpenCart website!

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