Do you have an online E-commerce store made of PrestaShop’s FREE shopping cart software? If your answer is ‘YES’, the next question that comes to mind is:-  Are you actually looking to pull quality visitors to your store and wish to make a potential number of them to convert?

Again, if your answer is ‘YES’, then read 3 defined steps below that will help you increase the conversion of your store by 30% (approx):

1. Powerful Search-Ability:

When your website is the only point of contact between your visitors and revenue, the search bar at the menu bar is a must-have. Your website developer should know the intelligent way to put the search bar. The dynamic search is trending in the modern day business which returns many relevant topics when searched with specific keywords. Once the visitor gets a handful of products after the search with some relevant and particular keywords, the chance of user satisfaction instantly increases notably and good chances are there that 25-35% of that visitors may turn into your customer (which is the actual conversion amount in terms of digital marketing) in the later stage of buying funnel. You can also Enable Product Review in your PrestaShop Store to boost your conversions further!Integrate-Prestashop-ERP-2

2. PrestaShop One Page SuperCheckout Plugin:

It’s been observed by a number of eCommerce businesses that customers always prefer a seamless checkout process to experience ease in the purchase cycle. Without the proper use of this, your eCommerce business is surely going to suffer. The last thing your customers will do is to remain stranded and helpless during an online product purchase due to the incompetent and complex checkout process. Here comes the PrestaShop new checkout plugin called “PrestaShop One Page SuperCheckout plugin”, that eliminates all checkout related woes to provide unique and easy shopping experiences to the valued customers, thus increasing the conversion up to 25-40%. Below described is the features of this plugin:

  • Account login Facility with Ease: Now buyers can easily Sign up using Google or their existing social media accounts. Also, this feature saves a lot of time of the customers by eliminating the usual page loading problem or the frequent page refresh problem due to its ajax based update.
  • Multiple Shipping facilitiesCustomers now can choose various shipping methods for their ordered products with this plugin, helping to build the trust factors among the customers, thus directly helps in increasing the conversion rate in significant amount when the customer can effortlessly select their desired shipping methods for the delivery of their ordered products.
  • Multiple payments Option Support:  This plugin supports multiple payments methods to help customers make online payment easily for their ordered product through various payment options like boleto, PayPal, Stripe, Payu, Firstdata, Saga Pay and other such methods. It also offers default payment option to the customers to choose payment without any selection during the next checkout process for a different product.
  • Reduction in Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates:  Analysis and studies show that a major reason of shopping cart abandonment is the complex checkout process that naturally takes more time than usual with multiple confirmation and authorization for making an online payment. The PrestaShop plugin analyzed this whole situation and brings the convenient steps to erase the steps in the checkout process, thus help to increase the conversion rate notably.
  • Customization facilities for Store owners:  Using this plugin, now the store owners have the facility to choose their preferred column with desired size. Also they have the option in hand to choose the appearance orders any layouts of those columns from different listed layouts options.
  • Adaptability to Different Screen Sizes:  The responsive design of the plugin keeps the intent of the customers ahead of the other competitors in multi-device option.

3. Incentivize:

Incentive is the best thing you can offer your customers to attract more conversions for your PrestaShop store. You can do two things described below, which will keep your customers attached to the buying cycle –

  • Offering: The type of incentive depends on the type of conversions you offer to your customers. Try your customers to pull up to subscribe to your newsletter – by offering free shipping on their first order. You need to have the convenience power to the visitors through your offerings – e.g. through sharing your site with the friends with a referral bonus. Also, offer various attractive discounts with each unique purchase made.
  • Promoting: PrestaShop-built websites have multiple placeholder to highlight the promotional offer. Use the header section or the Homepage slider to showcase your promotion and increase the chance of conversion into a certain amount.

Let’s start practicing the suggestions offered above to get the positive result from your PrestaShop web-store in terms of revenue.

Now, you can easily integrate your Prestashop Store with the back-end ERP System and automate the business process!Integrate-Prestashop-ERP-2

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