As we begin the new year, we are happy that Lightspeed has new releases for you. Here’s a look at the latest updates and what’s coming up!

Lightspeed Restaurant

  • The Restaurant POS app is now better adapted for iPad Pro screen sizes.
  • When creating a new user, no roles will be applied to the user by default. You can now set user roles without having to save the user first.
  • We fixed an issue that caused card transactions without card information to not appear in reports. Card transactions without card information now appear under the label “Unknown” in reports.

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Lightspeed Retail

  • Purchase orders: New employee permission and we modified the existing employee permissions related to purchase orders to improve granularity.
  • Vendor returns: We’ve made it a lot easier to tell at a glance which shop is returning items and to which vendor. Most notably of all, you can now only return items if they’re in stock.
  • Multi-store reporting: There is now a Shop column that displays in which shop the inventory adjustment occurred. This is much needed enhancement for multi shops.

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Now, you can easily integrate your Lightspeed POS with ERP/Ecommerce stores easily to automate the business process!Integrate-Lightspeed-POS-with-other-Business-Applications

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