SAP Integration Best Practices: A Complete Guide to Empowering non-SAP applications by connecting with SAP

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What is covered in the ebook:
  • Introduction to SAP
  • Empowering non-SAP applications by connecting with SAP
  • What is SAP Integration?
  • Understanding the SAP Versions (SAP Business One, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ECC, SAP Business All-inOne, SAP Business ByDesign, etc.)
  • Technologies SAP runs on (ABAP, Database, NetWeaver, .Net, ABSL/BODL)
  • SAP Integration: Typical Information Exchange
  • Some SAP Integration Use Cases
  • Popular SAP Integration Methods (File Exchange, DI / HANA Service Layer, via IDOCs, RFCs, ByD Web Services, etc.)
  • SAP Integration Best Practices
  • SAP Integration Tools
  • Why Integrate with SAP? Business Cases : CRM, Ecommerce, Payment Gateway, Mobility Solutions
  • Frequently Asked Questions on SAP Integration

Businesses around the world are using SAP ERP to manage and maintain their organizational data and processes. SAP is a powerful and a highly configurable platform that can transform the way businesses work. It is one of the most crucial and coveted applications that a business owner employs, however, even SAP alone cannot do everything for a business – with the advent of the multi-application structure of organizations, enabling SAP integration with all the other applications of the business is necessary for efficient operations.

Even when multiple applications are being used alongside SAP, they need to access the data within the ERP platform and work with it. This makes SAP the central core of the IT landscape for any user. So, an efficient and seamless integration solution needs to be in place in order to make SAP communicate with other non-SAP applications and streamline the flow of data within the organization.

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SAP Integration Best Practices

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