powerful-shopify-and-netsuite-integrationShopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms with excellent functionalities for businesses to manage their online storefront. And on the backend of operations, an ERP like Netsuite is perfect for managing different aspects of any eCommerce business. It goes without saying that for smooth and streamlined business operations, there needs to be a sync between your frontend store and backend ERP system. Trying to sync data between both systems manually can be a tedious task and also increase chances of errors. Shopify and NetSuite integration can resolve such issues of data synchronization by integrating customer data, product, inventory, orders, cancellations, and order fulfillment between your eCommerce platform and ERP.

Integrating Shopify and NetSuite will easily automate various business processes, and efficiency, and supply a more seamless experience for both businesses and customers. Let’s check out a few common integration points between Shopify and NetSuite that you can sync using APPSeCONNECT.

Table of Contents

Customer Data Sync

With the Shopify and Netsuite integration, whenever new customers are added on Shopify, it will also add the same to Netsuite. Further, any changes or updates made to existing customer information such as adding or removing fields will also be automatically updated in the backend ERP. Thus, you will always have accurate and up-to-date customer data across both systems.

Before Sync:


After Sync:


Product Information Sync

When new products are added on Netsuite, it will automatically add the product details on Shopify as well. Similarly, changes made in product information in the ERP will automatically be reflected in the storefront. So by syncing product info, businesses only need to manage product details on one platform which is their ERP system, and our integration will ensure that it also gets updated in Shopify.

Before Sync:


After Sync:


Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the essential features of Netsuite ERP. With the Shopify and Netsuite integration, whenever you update inventory levels in your ERP system, it will automatically sync with Shopify. So you only need to manage inventory levels in Netsuite, and you can rest assured that your online storefront will also be updated, always showing accurate inventory levels.

Order Management

Similar to inventory management, Netsuite also has in-depth features for order management which lets business take full control of order fulfilment as well as cancellations. And by integrating Netsuite with Shopify, any changes relating to order management will also by synced in your storefront, so both you and your customers can view accurate order information on the online store.

Before Sync:


After Sync:



Shipping and Fulfilment

The Netsuite and Shopify integration also syncs shipping and fulfilment related data on both systems. When fulfilment status of an order is changed in Netsuite, it also gets auto-updated on Shopify. Automating the shipping and fulfillment between Shopify and NetSuite can assure proper tracking and successful delivery of every order.

Accounting and Financials

Shopify deals with various financial data based on sales activity on your storefront. Netsuite, on the other hand, can handle complete financial management, including the sales and order related transactions. The financial data in Shopify must also be synced with Netsuite, which can be achieved with this integration. Calculating the accurate revenue recognition integration can help through sales data from Shopify and NetSuite and can give a better overview of the whole scenario.


Apart from the above integration points, more areas can be explored that can be synced with the Shopify and Netsuite integration. And if you have any third-party application, APPSeCONNECT can also develop custom integrations for such apps as long as they have their API listed. Using our intelligent integration platform, businesses using Shopify and Netsuite can easily streamline their business operations.

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