USPS API update How it affects Magento

Some important updates for Merchants who use USPS Live rates in Magento. USPS (United States Postal Service) will end support for their RateV3 API from September 28th, 2014 as scheduled. This is done to favor RateV4 API. They have also released an update on 7th September.

Magento Community 1.6 or lower :
Merchants who are using Magento Community version 1.6 or lower, will no longer receive USPS rates from 28th September onwards. Those older versions of Magento uses USPS RateV3 API which will retire on 28th September.

Magento Community greater than 1.6 :
Merchants using Magento Community version greater than 1.6 don’t need to do anything as this will not affect their Magento store.

Magento Enterprise:
Magento has reviewed and tested these updates and created patches to enable full compatibility with the September 7 update. Once you have installed the patch, no further action will be required and you will continue receiving USPS rates even after the September 28 update.
EE 1.11.x
SUPEE-4334 (previous patches MAGEBP–706 + SUPEE-1868)

EE 1.12.x (& CE 1.7)
SUPEE-4334 (previous patch SUPEE–1868)

EE – (& CE 1.8)
SUPEE-4334 (previous patch SUPEE–1868)

EE – 1.14.x (& CE 1.9)

Patch Downloads:

Enterprise Edition Merchants can download the patch here

Community Edition Merchants can download the patch here

Partners can download the patch here

As listed above, the new patches need to be installed on previous USPS patches issued in 2012 and 2013. Please make sure the previous patches are in place for the version of Magento software that you currently run on.

Merchants using Magento EE 1.10.X or lower needs to contact Magento support to get the patches.


Update your Magento store to the latest version to get all the latest functionalities and quality improvements. If you are using Magento CE you should definitely do that.

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