WordPress 4.3 “Billie”

WordPress is not only a stunning web software but also is used widely by blogger and merchants all over the world, to post blogs and open websites. This is where you are able to create your own blog and websites both without any cost and external help.

‘Billie’ is the new version of WordPress 4.3, named after the famous jazz singer Billie Holiday. The current version is available for update or download it in your WordPress dashboard. The newly released features in 4.3 version is simplified. Now, that it is simplified you can easily format the content and also customize your site accordingly.

Check the menu in the customizer:

While, live previewing in the customizer, you can also create your own menu, update it and assign it too. The new streamlined customized design provides an accessible interface and also mobile friendly. Every updated version is simpler and faster to adjust to your site the way you want.

Check the below given video, about formatting shortcuts:


In WordPress 4.3, you will see that your writing is faster with the new formatting shortcuts. Simply just use asterisks to create numbers and lists signs to make a heading. Gone are those days, when you had to break your flow, your text will look fab with a* & a#.

Site Icons:

The site’s icon constitutes your bookmark’s menu, browser’s tab and home screen mobile devices. Do add your notable site icon in the customizer. Now, when you switch themes, it will not change, rather you will find it in the same place. Boost your brand by reflecting the whole site.

Better Passwords

WordPress has improved its password security level. For example, we receive password through mail, but now you will be able to receive a password reset link via mail.

When you edit a user or add a new user to your site, WordPress will automatically generate a secured password.


  • Quick customization: If you are on the frontend simply, click the customize link, in the toolbar to promptly change in your site.
  • Better admin experience: Refined list view across admin, makes it more accessible and simpler to work on any device.
  • Turn off comments: The new pages which you create will have the comments turned off. The discussions will be restricted to your blog only, the right place where they’re supposed to.

What are you waiting for? Update it today!

Image Credit: WordPress