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eCommerce PCI Compliance Checklist

PCI DSS is very important for eCommerce Industry, it provides a set of standard rules on how to protect Customer’s Credit Card Details which is often mentioned as Card Holder’s Data or CHD. This standard helps the merchant to develop an information security program and maintain it to meet their own business needs. The PCI DSS also helps to identify from where the CHD coming, passing through and getting stored. Mapping how the CHD moves through a Company’s network is one of the first steps before defining steps to protect it.

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SAP Business One Sales App for Android and iOS: In-depth Feature List

Salesforce Automation is always a key aspect for any organization, and that’s why organizations opt for an ERP or a dedicated CRM. One of the key criteria of Salesforce automation is to do ‘Sales on the go’.

With this notion in mind, SAP launched its new SAP Business One Sales for Android and iOS. SAP Business One Sales will allow your sales activities anywhere and anytime. The APP connects to SAP Business One Application and provides a comprehensive detail for Sales People for an efficient management of their Sales Process.

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Opencart is here now!

Opencart is one of the most popular choice of eCommerce Platform now a day. As per statistics from Builtwith eCommerce Trends it has the second largest market share in eCommerce Platform Market Globally, just after Woocommerce. If we consider the fact that Woocommerce is not really full-fledged eCommerce Platform, rather it’s merely an extension for Wordpress based websites, then Opencart is leading in the road.

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How to do Data Transfer Workbench in SAP Business One

DTW or Data Transfer Workbench is one of the most popular content in the context of SAP Business One. Whenever we talk about ERP Usage in an organization, that organization must have some legacy system from which they would like to import their initial data; or might be they are introducing a new web portal and need to export data from ERP.

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SAP Business One and MS Dynamics NAV- Comparison

SAP Business One and MS Dynamics NAV, two most popular ERP systems available for Small and Midsize companies. When people want to compare these two, really they found difficulty. The comparison is almost head to head and often the key criteria becomes which one can fulfill most requirements with less customizations and in lesser cost. But if you think in long term, these two factors should not be the prime judgement point because within a blink of an eye you will have few GB of data punched into the ERP system in few months, and from that point its really difficult to turn back.

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