Browser Access in SAP Business One 9.2

Browser Access is an important feature in SAP Business One 9.2, many people I guess have already tried to use this feature. Through this blog I will try to explain the Installation of Browser Access in SAP Business One 9.2 and common errors that people are getting and how to solve that.


Installation of Browser Access in SAP Business One 9.2 is pretty simple, let’s see how:

  • Step 1:

SAP Business One 9.2 has installation files to set up browser access. During any installation you can choose to install it and can be installed later as well. Once the existing installation has completed upgradation under the as usual Client folder you will get a new component ‘SAP Gatekeeper Installation’

  • Step 2:

Start setup.exe, during the installation connect to SLD and a connection string will be created and saved in SLD. A self-signed certificate will also be created.

  • Step 3:

In System Landscape Director (SLD) under a new tab ‘Browser Access Server’ will be available automatically and you will get a link to access SAP Business One on browser.

  • Step 4:

In Browser Access Server click on edit and can you define some parameters like:

Initial Process Pool Size: Number of client already running in idle state

Maximum Process Pool Size – Maximum number of clients running on Presentation Server

  • Step 5:

Open Firefox browser (only supported browser for now) -> enter the URL mentioned in SLD->Verification for Trusted Website will happen -> Login will open -> Give Credentials and Log In -> Client will appear in browser


Some Facts regarding browser access

  1. Web Client should be installed in a separate machine, not in terminal server
  2. Browser Access is available for both SAP B1 on SQL Server and HANA
  3. Mozila Firefox is the only compatible browser for now, Chrome and IE might be added later
  4. Run the gatekeeper service on a dedicated presentation server
  5. Same P User/Limited Licenses through which you are using SAP B1 Client, you can access SAP B1 through browser. No additional license is required.

Common Errors People are getting on this and the solution mentioned by experts in SCN

1.Running Add-On

2. Through Web Clients common Add-Ons will not run at the moment. For that you need to open SBO Common from any usual client machine and execute the query:

3. UPDATE SARI SET ClientType = ‘A’ WHERE EName = ‘YOURADD-ON.exe’

4. The Add-On will be available in Browser Access.

Marketing Documents

Relationship Mapping between Marketing documents not shown in Browser Access. This is not an error, rather this feature is not available with Browser Access.

No Excel Import

This is a known limitation, might be resolved in next Patch Level.

SAML2Response issue instant is not valid

This is a login issue. Database Server and Presentation Server might have different date and/or time.

HTTP Status 404-/Dispatcher

Possibly port issue, uninstall browser access and reinstall it with the alternative port 8100. Also check if Tomcat is conflicting with browser access. In that case you can try to switch off Tomcat.

Error 1633- This Installation package is not supported by this processor type

Installation Error, possibly you tried to execute 64-bit Gatekeeper in a 32-bit system. SAP Business One 9.2 PL00 doesn’t support 32 Bit System.

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