Integrate erp and shipworks

Shipworks is the most prominent shipping application that allows the incoming orders to be shipped in time. It is one-point solution which connects to your various ecommerce sites and integrates to it to ensure all your orders are downloaded properly and gets shipped. The desktop solution that comes with shipworks helps to view, define shipping rates, approve, send notifications against orders that are placed directly in your eCommerce sites (such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce etc.)

ShipWorks and ERP Integration

As depicted in the figure above, if you look into the Shipworks desktop client, you can see all the information regarding the shipping of the orders such that it helps in delivery of the shipment. It automatically detects the address and provides you the StreetView, provides details of charges, provides labels that you can configure and print, and also allows you to change status of the delivery of the order.  It automatically updates the statuses directly to the respective ecommerce portal.

Even though the data is updated to the e-commerce sites, it is important to note that some of the shipping related information are not automatically transferred to the ecommerce sites, but still worth to be synched to your ERP to take business decisions. Shipworks provides APIs to connect to their online portal to get that information.

APPSeCONNECT provides integration to shipworks with the ERP to help you get the order status and all its related information. It keeps track of all the updates that you make on your shipworks application and syncs them automatically when it is configured properly. Some of the cool features that APPSeCONNECT provides are:

  • Unique end to end solution to your business process with almost trivial customizations.
  • Provides both Scheduled and real-time business integration.
  • Provides customizations that are portable and does not require re-install of our application.
  • Hybrid solution, which ensures the data is secure inside you own premise.

With shipworks being connected to your ERP, you can easily track all the business related data that are fed into the application in real time. Here is some of the integration points that we provide:

  • Payment method sync.
  • Distribution method sync.
  • Address sync.
  • Order status sync


Shipping is one of the important aspect to consider for any e-commerce service provider. Timely delivery and proper tracking of shipment is something that all users wants. Using specific solution to ship your items in time is sometimes needed while providing services. The data residing in the shipping application is also important to be transferred to ERP to get meaningful analytics on different aspects of delivery and shipment.

If you want to integrate your shipworks application to your ERP system and improve your business process rapidly then click here!

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