How to Post SAP Item Master Data to eCommerce Platform Without Any Errors?

How to Post SAP erp Item Master Data to eCommerce Platform Without Any Errors?

SAP ERP 6.0 is extensively used by organizations which use e-commerce as multiple media of business. Mastering the data set up and managing the same are quite important parts of the whole ERP system.

In regards to the same, it is very important to control the master data in SAP and convert it as product information management in e-commerce platform. This assists merchants to re-utilize the information in Master Data of SAP 6.0 and therefore avoids re-entry of data.

Why is product information management important?

Product information management describes the data acquisition and handling from various sources so that it becomes easy for customers to view the proper information. This will help them to take decisions at the time of making a purchase.

Some of the important Information can be categorized under –

  • Content management
  • Attributes
  • Digital Asset Management
  • User-generated contents like reviews

Advantages of product information management:

  1. Complete data administration that serves end customers.
  2. Advanced Search engine optimization
  3. Reliable client encounter crosswise over channels with one fundamental information.
  4. Cost effective and centralized Master data management In SAP.
  5. Diminishes the chances of errors as they are viewed by end customers.
  6. Consolidation and better administration of data across the globe.

Ways to control SAP for Product Information management—

  • Catalog management – One important feature of SAP is, at the time of integration, the product catalog is automatically synchronized with the category information.

  • Product Content management– SAP pulls the data, scattered across the enterprise; enriches it and publishes it.

  • Classification of data – product attributes and their specifications are already held in SAP. While it is integrating with e-commerce platform, these attributes are directly fetched from the ERP.


  • Digital Assets – The multimedia files like brochures etc. can be uploaded in SAP ERP which will help the customers to know about the product.

In nut shell, we can say the Integration of SAP with an e-commerce platform provides an incomparable benefit of controlling SAP Master Data Information with complete product information management in your e-commerce system. Apart from Product Information management, you can also retrieve more from you SAP system which will be an added advantage.Integrate-SAP-erp-eCommerce-Store-Banner

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