In the recent years, online business and eCommerce adoption have grown on a very large scale. Millions of businesses engage themselves in online B2B and/or B2C sales and purchase processes. This simple fact of the rapid expansion of eCommerce business globally makes it important for users to choose the right platform of business for themselves. Due to the extensive competition in this arena, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to move forward with an eCommerce platform that is aligned with the vision and expectation, business process and data flow of the company. Also, even for the established players in the market, it is noteworthy to know which eCommerce platform is gaining users a competitive edge and which one might be an inappropriate choice.

With a large number of eCommerce platforms already available, it is hard to tell which one might be the most suitable for businesses in general – some provide better user experience, some a few better functionalities and some just robustness. Magento eCommerce platform is the top-notch open-source E-commerce platform that has helped business owners over the years with swift success and reliability. However, very recently, SAP Hybris eCommerce platform has been coming into the comparison of Magento as a suitable contender for the most persistent eCommerce platform, providing more functionalities and user-friendliness to its clients.

As we know, Magento is a PHP-based platform and offers a wide range of digital marketing tools to bring in more customers, better analytics more customization and unlimited extensions. It has been on the market since 2008 and has been recently acquired by Adobe for 1.6 billion USD (2018). SAP Hybris on the other hand, is an omnichannel eCommerce platform developed in Java. It was founded back in 1997 and has been acquired by SAP SE for approximately 1 billion USD in 2013. The total number of live websites using Magento count up to 424,017 and that of SAP Hybris count up to 11,820.

But this is not just it!

To draw a fair comparison and bring all the facts and figures together, I have prepared an infographic presentation provided below.

Magento Enterprise Vs SAP Hybris – Infographic


Here is a Quiz for you. Let’s see if you can answer it correctly:

Now, you can easily integrate your Magento store with the back-end ERP/CRM System and automate the business process!ERP-Magento-Integration-1
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