ERP, be it for Large Enterprises/SMEs was Pre- Dominantly offered in On-Premise Model during 90’s till the initial few years of this millennium. An ERP Server is a heavy-duty machine consisting of the ERP Server Software, a Database Server consisting of the Databases and connected to the ERP Server and several client machines connected to ERP server with Per Named User Licenses; mostly this was the offered architecture within a standard ERP Implementation.

Because of these complexities and cost, a wide range of SMEs simply were not able to afford ERP systems. The story is not different for SAP Business One, though it is one of the most popular ERP systems for SMEs; many organizations simply were not able to afford it under the On-Premise model. SAP Business One OnDemand is targeted to offer a single integrated cloud-based solution to manage SME specific Critical Business Processes at an affordable cost. In this article, we will talk about Advantages of SAP Business One OnDemand.

Get Started and Keep Moving

Cloud Computing completely shifted the software paradigm in this decade. The way Organizations consume electricity, cellular network plans, etc. they can now have on-demand access of the software and computing resources centrally managed by Data Centers which can scale up or down the resource consumption based on usage. Thousands of Organizations can share the same hardware and software resources, benefiting from a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

With SAP Business One OnDemand, businesses can integrate all the critical functions from sales to customer relationships to financials and operations without the cost or complexity of an On-Premise Model. You pay a monthly subscription fee per user and SAP VAR Partners will take care of the rest. Because of the less infrastructure overhead, SAP Business One OnDemand can be implemented much faster and you can scale up the usage as and when required.SAPB1-Integration-Webshop

Advantages of SAP Business One OnDemand

Low Cost of Ownership:

With SAP Business One OnDemand, businesses can streamline processes and increase business insight with the least cost and complexity. Because the software is delivered as a service, they don’t need to hire experienced IT staff to manage and support the software and its underlying IT infrastructure. The software also increases their business agility so they can rapidly deploy support for business processes to take advantage of new opportunities.

Easy Upgrades:

SAP Business One OnDemand is automatically maintained and updated by SAP/VAR Partners, so organizations always have the most current version and patch level. Applications and servers are in highly secured Data Centres that feature an array of physical and network safeguards to protect critical business data. With no hardware to manage or software to maintain, SMEs can focus on their business and not in IT.

Rapid Implementation:

SAP Business One OnDemand ensures business agility by rapidly deploying support for business processes to take advantage of new opportunities. There is no lead time for getting the hardware, no installation on Servers/Clients required. Organizations can enroll and can get the admin/other user access straightaway and SAP Partners can straightaway plan the requirement gathering and finalization for implementation.


SAP Business One OnDemand Features can be easily extended through the Add-Ons which are qualified/certified by SAP to work in the OnDemand environment. All the proven Technology Partner Add-On Solution be it a payment Add-On, Shipping Add-On, Integration Add-On, etc. are tested and verified to work in a SaaS-based multitenant environment and available for extendibility.

Some Other Advantages:

  • SAP Business One OnDemand can be deployed quickly with essential features and can fulfill specialized needs of SMEs with default features, SDK and Add-On Solutions.
  • SAP Business One OnDemand offered in single price model which covers software, user licenses and support.
  • Cloud Infrastructure, Software, SAP B1 Version and Patch Levels all are maintained by SAP Partners/SAP, so organizations don’t have any such hassle to resolve on a day to day basis
  • Software, Infra and Data Security are maintained by Secure Data Centeres with an array of Physical and Network Safeguards
  • SAP Partner Ecosystem is always one of the best and most matured one. SAP is working closely with country-specific VAR Partners to offer SAP Business One in SaaS model effectively

Now, you can easily integrate your SAP Business One ERP with Ecommerce store, Marketplaces, CRM, Shipping and POS Systems to automate the business process!SAPB1-Integration-Webshop

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