Top 3 Reasons – Why to have a Web based CRM on SAP Business One

SAP Business one (SBO) is undoubtedly one of the most popular small-mid business ERP application. Needless to say that it helps businesses, optimize their headquarters operations like accounting, purchase, ordering and reporting.  However all relationship / sales force automation solution need to be web based due to inherent nature of the business function. This is where SBO misses out. Let us look at why SMEs prefer integrating a web based solution so often.

The top CRM options for SBO include Salesforce, which is anyhow the market leader in this segment and also widely popular. Another option for cost sensitive organization is SugarCRM, one of the most popular commercial open source solutions of our times. APPSeCONNECT taps the integration capabilities of both these software solutions to provide an out of the box integration with SBO.

This section lists out the top reasons why small and medium enterprises with SBO are increasingly looking at a web based CRM solution for their organization.

Productivity Considerations

Sales and service staff always feel the need to access information on the field. The kind of work they execute needs them to be on the move. Thus web based application is the most meaningful solution. The team members are not likely to return back to office to key in the information. Even if they do so, they may miss out information. Either ways, the productivity of the field staff would take a hit and proportion of time spent actual time spent on field versus that spent in recording information increases.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer facing executives must be equipped with information like delivery status, invoice amount and much more to be able to answer the customer. Having to offline connect with the logistics / finance departments and getting information from them takes longer time and may even lead to customer attrition. Having a front end application like CRM for these set of users can help you evolve as a much more agile organization in the coming times.

Disjoint Geographies of Operation

It is highly possible that you can have warehouse operating in a completely different city or country. For example, one of our recent customers had his warehouse located in China. Though it is completely possible to access SAP Business One across locations, it leads to increase in infrastructural requirements. For a web based application like Salesforce or SugarCRM, it is much easier. The users need just a browser and an internet connection. Having an integration point for logistics with the aforementioned ERP solution helps the user execute their tasks in a much simpler manner.


“Change is the only constant”. Given this, agility is the key for businesses to survive in the current environment. Equipping the customer facing team with a light weight and easy to access CRM solution is a step towards the same.

What can APPSeCONNECT do for you?

Organizations need quicker time to market as far as IT deliverable’s are concerned. APPSeCONNECT is a pre-packaged solution which works out of the box and integrate SAP Business One with either of the aforementioned CRM solutions.

The solution can be extended, customized for business specific needs so that you can make the most of the solution. The solution is secure and trusted by many customers across the world. For further information, please feel free to browse through and in case you have any questions or feedback, our team will be more than happy to respond.