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SAP Partner providing Digital Transformation, Business Analytics and Software Consulting.

​Celeritech’s an international company, located in 8 different countries, specialized in the integration of world-class business technological solutions. It´s endorsed by the greatest software companies (SAP systems, Tableau, Oracle, Sorriso, Microsoft, YouCo and Pitney Bowes) and has been part of the technological industry for over 14 years, managing to acquire more than 300 clients and 250 experts. Offering unparalleled corporate assistance, our team of consultants in Brickell, Florida present ground-breaking technological advancements that aim to drive more improvements, performance, and return on investments for any business, regardless of the industry. Celeritech’s portfolio includes Customer Experience (CX), Productivity, Analytics and Mobility business solutions.

Discover how our business consultants in Florida can guide your business through the digital transformation process and equip your company with the latest technologies to enhance infrastructure and organisational systems. Experience consistent ease as our consulting team, certified by major manufacturers, offers your association with personalised attention to highlight your bottom line and flexibility to respond to changing business requirements.

USA, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Panama

Products / Services:
SAP, SAP Business One, SAP Hana, CeleriCloud, Digital Invoice, Predictive and Analytic solutions, Data Visualizations, SAP for SMB, Consulting, Resource Management, SAP Academies and more.
SAP Sales Leader Recognition, SAP Partner Quality Program 
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