Getting started with Salesforce 1

CRMs are now must-haves for any organization across all industries where B2B sales are involved. Salesforce CRM is leading the market being one of the most popular Cloud based CRM Platform. But one of the key elements of any CRM is to access the data on the go. Sales Employees frequently access CRM Portal through their cell phones or tabs. Hence CRMs need to be well equipped and connected with a Mobile App, since just having a mobile version of CRM website isn’t enough.

Salesforce1 is an intuitive mobile app offered by Salesforce which can make the activities of a Sales Employee streamlined thus make their life easier. Let’s have a detailed look at this component through this blog ‘Get started with Salesforce1’.

Getting started with Salesforce 1-1


With Salesforce1 You can get all the crucial information that you need on the go, at a glance you will have a clear picture what you need to do Today, can take quick decisions through it powerful Dashboards and reports, and see important updates across the organization through Feed First. You can manage your Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Quotations, Orders Invoices right through your phone/tab, can collaborate with your team on new ideas and can create/manage your daily Tasks.

Features in Detail

Feed First

Getting started with Salesforce 1-2

See what’s happening within the organization in a go, updates related to Accounts, Opportunities, etc.; new items, news, files etc.. All the insider of your organization at your fingertips.

Dashboards and Reports

Getting started with Salesforce 1-3

Access, drill down and share Dashboards for quick decision making, Sales Chats, Sales Employee Wise, Country Wise, Item Wise and many other Sales Reports you can open on a timescale of a month, a quarter or YTD.


Getting started with Salesforce 1-4

See what you have to do today, a comprehensive list of all your meetings and tasks. Drill down to Lead or Account to see their details prior to the meeting and write down notes once the meeting is over all through this section.

Smart Search

If you have hundreds of Accounts and Leads, and many Leads can even have almost similar name; you must need a Smart Search option which can pin point the record out of thousands of others. Salesforce1 has a powerful search option.

Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities

Getting started with Salesforce 1-5

Create New, Search Existing and get the details and update existing records if necessary, this all you need when dealing with Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. Salesforce1 provide you just that.


Tasks are the most crucial element of any CRM. As a Sales Employee I will check, add and update my tasks regularly and also whenever I open the tasks section it need to show Open Tasks, Tasks for Today etc. Salesforce1 has a very powerful task section.

Getting started with Salesforce 1-6

Case Management

Get Case Details, drill down history and escalate to experts regarding that case, update case details once you get a feedback from expert on that particular case; all these important features are perfectly available within Salesforce1.

Collaboration and Group

Create group of people involved in a deal/project and collaborate among themselves.

Lead Tracking

Track a lead’s details, source of that lead from a campaign, identify campaign’s effectiveness in terms of lead generation; all these you can get very easily.

Office Integration

Create Office files from Salesforce1, share files between people of your organization and connect Microsoft Office App from your Salesforce1 app, all are available.


Customize Salesforce1 according to your need, add your own brand logo, custom reports and dashboard creation as per your need, add custom apps from Salesforce App Exchange; there are several ways through which you can customize your Salesforce1 App.

Above is just a brief of Salesforce1 which we get from our usage, download it from Store and use it by yourself to see increase in productivity.

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