Nowadays, shopaholic’s resides at eStore’s! Customer satisfaction is the key for successful eCommerce business.  You will have to satisfy your consumers shopping experience and give them solutions for their problem faced while returning or exchanging the unless you want them to relocate and find a new store!

Once the order is placed, their job ends there itself. Now, it is your job to send them the details of their order purchase and follow the after sales courtesies.

Keeping your consumer’s unsatisfied can be a big mistake in the long run. Many a time consumers ends up buying things out of emotional hype. The chances are that they might return the product after delivery. In these situations, the items purchased by consumer tends to be a burden for exchanging or returning or refund. The process should be easy so that they can easily exchange/refund/return without any hassle. If your customers faced a number of protocols to forward their request, they will not revisit the eStore again in future.

How to ensure whether your consumers are satisfied or not?

  • After processing the order ask your consumers few questions and request them to rate you. Maximum time people do not respond to these questionnaire survey, but for better customer satisfaction feedback you need the survey to be answered. The best way to insist your consumers is by giving away a discount voucher to fill up the survey questions.
  • Make sure the question you put up must be simple and easy to understand. Create multiple choice answers and make sure it is not a lengthy process. For example ask them to rate the product on a rating scale i.e. 1 is excellent 2 is good, 3 is fair, 4 is poor and so on.  The questions should be related to the quality, material, shopping experience make sure you do ask them that will they refer to their friends and family this will definitely let you know about their shopping experience.
  • Make a report of the survey answers and treat it with importance. If you get any negative rating make sure you get into the matter and see why your customer was not satisfied? The reasons can be many but address it immediately. It is important because it is your responsibility to retain him/her as a customer in your eStore.
  • Make sure that your eStore does not have a confusing and lengthy process to follow returns or exchange. Customer care executives should be well trained so that they can provide the consumer the best support to follow the protocols.

Everyone looks for an easy process as they are paying a price for it. If your consumers are unsatisfied it will not take much time for them to relocate their shopping store. The eCommerce market is competitive in the current scenario, most of the problem appears after the sales process. Once the order is placed, you consumers job ends there itself.

It may be the product arrival date was delayed, wrong product shipped, size issues are the main ones though, fits issues, colors (on screen certain color looks different) etc. help your customers to overcome it without  facing any problems. Your consumers should not think that their money got stuck in your eStore. Now, it is your job to follow the after sales courtesies.

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