Cross-Selling-between-SAP-and-Magento-2One of the hygiene factors of an eCommerce website is cross-selling. However, it needs to be set up in the most accurate manner. Typically, attributes of the material are used to define cross-selling in SAP using condition technique. However, in Magento 2.0, the cross-selling information has to be maintained manually. Due to high volume of products being sold online, as well as, the flexibility of defining cross-selling based on various combination of material, enterprises prefer to maintain this information within SAP. Thus, integration in this area becomes crucial.

A. Setting up the cross-selling within SAP

For setting up cross-selling within SAP, following steps must be followed. All these steps are contained within SPRO path Sales and Distribution -> Basic Function -> Dynamic Product Proposal.

1. Defining Customer Procedure for Product Proposal


2. Defining Document Procedure for Product proposal


3. Assign Document Procedure for Product Proposal to Sales Document Types



4. Maintain sold to sales area view so that cross-selling can be enabled for the customer


5. Maintain condition records for cross-selling VB41create-cross-selling-in-sap


When an order is created in SAP it evaluates the condition records and determines the cross-sell product. You can configure the setting to either prompt cross-selling information or propose only when the user requests the cross-selling information.

B. Demo Video

This demo video demonstrates this integration in the following steps.

  1. Cross selling information within SAP.
  2. Syncing of cross-selling information to Magento 2.0.
  3. Representation of cross-selling products in Magento 2.0


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