Till date, the ERP Software was best in use on computers. The evolution of the eCommerce market has made life easier. Looking at the broader business aspects Magento took a step forward in this technosphere with the expansion of the mobile app.

Now if there is an eCommerce platform, you do require an ERP for better functioning, here come Microsoft Dynamics with the new version of NAV 2015. NAV 2015 ERP system supports iPad, android and windows 8. Microsoft Dynamic NAV is a basic utility tool used by small to mid-size eBusiness owners, Dynamic NAV is one of the 4 ERP applications of Microsoft. Now it is also accessible in iTunes, Google play and Windows store.

NAV’s ERP Software is designed with a different set of prerequisites for clients which depends on the chronicles used by the clients. The customer enjoys free NAV app download in their mobile irrespective of their make and OS systems.

The new release of Dynamics NAV 2015 is codenamed “Crete”.

Integrate NAV with eCommerce, Marketplace and CRM